Considerable interest is excited in the above exhibition, to which liberal contributions have been made, although it is only considered as an attempt to arrive at the best mode of having something of the same kind annually, and also as the best means of getting at a sound judgment upon the merits of a flower, than which none more beautiful or useful exists in cultivation. Whether we consider its form, varied colours, beautiful texture, graceful habit in connexion with agreeable foliage, or its adaptation to general ornament, from the conservatory of the wealthy to the window of the cottager, it stands without a rival in general utility. That the improvements effected in it were the result of the generous rivalry excited by the exhibition of seedlings, no one can doubt who remembers the interest created in their annual appearance at the meeting of the Horticultural Society at Chiswick, and in a less degree at those of the Royal Botanical Society at Regent's Park. We say, in a less degree, because at the latter no place was set apart for the display of seedlings alone, for which purpose at Chiswick a small tent was once appropriated.

It is with great pleasure we see a number of amateur florists seeking admission into the Horticultural Society. This is as it should be; and we believe that a pretty full expression of desire on the part of those who particularly look for novelties, and are fellows of that society, would result in the replacing of the seedling tent. But to revert to the Upton Park show, which is to take place on the 15th instant. It is a place of easy access. The Datchett station, on the South-Western and Windsor line, is but a little way from it; and the same may be said of the station at Slough, on the Great-Western line. The arrangements are in good hands; and if the mode of judging be novel, as an experiment it will be interesting, - for the difference in opinion on the properties of the Pelargonium is very great. We hope for a large contribution of seedlings, and a large attendance of raisers. If difficulties should arise about settling the prizes, we have a warrant in the names and characters of the promoters of the exhibition that they will be satisfactorily overcome.

We may mention, in passing from the subject, that the seedling competition forms only a part of a general horticultural exhibition, to be held at the place and time appointed.

N.B. Full particulars of the seedling exhibition will be found in our advertising pages.