The above was held on the 20th November at the Manor Rooms, Stoke Newington; and we have great reason to regret that the clay proved so unfavourable for visitors. The exhibitors and friends of floriculture, however, were not to be deterred by bad weather: there were superb collections of plants and cut blooms, exhibiting the perfection to which these popular flowers have been brought by the untiring and unceasing energy of the exhibiting Florist. The productions were an evident improvement upon the exhibition of the previous year.

Class For 24 Blooms, In Not Less Than 12 Varieties

1st prize, Mr. Taylor, whose varieties were: Imperial, General Morceaux, Pilot, Golden Cluster, Beauty, Goliath, King, Temple de Salomon, Princess Marie, Madame Hardy, Campestroni, Defiance, Madame Poggi, Formosum, Annie Salter. 2d, Mr. Holmes: Goliath, General Morceaux, Queen of England, Pilot, Orlando, Beauty, King, Satyr, Minerva, Queen of Yellows, Clustered Yellow, Madame Poggi, Annie Salter, Sappho, Golden Cluster, Phidias, Aristides. Equal 3d prizes, C. J. Lockner, Esq. and Mr. Merry: the varieties being, Golden Cluster, Orlando, Beauty, Pilot, Goliath, General Morceaux, Temple de Salomon, Imperial, Princess Marie, Vesta, Queen of Yellows, King, Queen, Defiance, Formosum, Annie Salter, Campestroni, Beauty, Madame Poggi, Queen of England, Duke, Hecuba, Chandlerii, King of Crimsons, Nonpareil, Pharamond. 4th prize, Mr. James: Duke, Imperial, Sydenham, Pilot, King, General Morceaux, Queen of England, Dupont de l'Eure, Warden, Beauty, Clustered Yellow, Satyr, Formosum, Madame Meillez, King of Crimsons, Rabelais, Phidias, Annie Salter, Vesta. 5th and 6th prizes consisted of the varieties already enumerated.

In this class eight collections were produced.

Class, 12 Blooms, Varieties

1st prize, Mr. James: Queen of England, General Morceaux, Madame Hardy, Duke, Warden, Vesta, Clustered Yellow, Two-coloured Incurved, Goliath, Rabelais, Beauty, Defiance. 2d, Mr. Taylor: General Morceaux, Goliath, King, Beauty, Madame Chauviere, Golden Cluster, Princess Marie, Imperial, Defiance, Vesta, Formosum, Annie Salter. Equal 3d prizes, Mr. Holmes and Mr. Tant: Beauty, General Morceaux, Goliath, Orlando, King, Queen of England, Pilot, Zoe, Satyr, Madame Poggi, Defiance, Annie Salter, Orion, Imperial, Temple de Salomon, Formosum, Clustered Yellow, Campestroni. 4th, Mr. Scruby: Minerva, Goliath, King, Imperial, General Morceaux, Golden Cluster, Vesta, Beauty, Madame Saler, Lucidum, Annie Salter, Formosum. In this class there were twelve exhibitors, and eight prizes awarded; in the lists given are included the whole of the varieties.

Class, 6 Blooms, Varieties

1st prize, Mr. Taylor: King, Pilot, Superb Clustered Yellow, Defiance, Beauty, Annie Salter. 2d, Mr. James: Queen of England, Campestroni, Duke,.Goliath, Clustered Yellow, Warden. 3d, Mr. Tant: Imperial, Superb Clustered Yellow, Beauty, Pilot, Formosum, Defiance. 4th, Mr. Briscoe: King, Goliath, Beauty, General Morceaux, Defiance, Vesta. 5th, Mr. Sanderson: Temple de Salomon, Queen of England, King, Defiance, Vesta, Beauty. 6th, Mr. Merry: Beauty, Goliath, Pilot, Annie Salter, Gem, Golden Yellow. In this class some twelve to fourteen collections were shewn, and prizes awarded to two-thirds of them.

Class, 6 Plants

1st, Mr. James: Defiance, Madame Poggi, Vesta, Pilot, Annie Salter, Madame Camerson. 2d, Mr. Croxford: Defiance, Pilot, Clustered Yellow, Minerva, Vesta, Annie Salter. 3d, Mr. Holmes: Pilot, Vesta, Golden Cluster, Defiance, Annie Salter, Minerva. 4th, Mr. Elliott: Goliath, Queen of Gipsies, Vesta, Madame Poggi, Annie Salter. Equal 5th prizes, Mr. Scruby and Mr. Argent.

Some collections were also shewn in pots limited to size, and also for special prizes presented by some liberal patrons.

Specimen Plants

1st, Mr. James, Pilot; 2d, Mr. Holmes, Vesta; 3d, Mr. Bundle, Vesta; 4th, Mr. Scruby, Defiance. The plants shewn in this class were indeed specimens in every sense of the word.

Some Pompons, or Lilliputian varieties, were shewn by Mr. Salter. The varieties were, Pouledetto, la Fiancee, Chapeau rouge, Bijou, Circee, d'Or, le Nain Bebe, Julie, Langlade, Elise Meillez, la La-ponne, Henriette, Sydonie.

A new variety was also shewn by Mr. Salter, possessing much merit; colours, a carmine red with golden tips, and named Pio Nono.

The censors were Mr. C. Turner of Slough, Mr. J. T. Neville, Mr. Salter, and Mr. Fraser.