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Dr Lindley, Felicien David, Imperatrice Eugenie, James Watt, Lady Franklin, John Waterer, Lord Byron, Madam Domage, Meyerbeer, Milton, Newton, Prince of Wales, Peine Victoria, Shakespeare, Sir Joseph Paxton, Charles Dickens, James Carter, Thomas Methven, La Poussin, Plino, Roi Leopold, Meteor, Fulton, Eurydice.

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In your climate we would recommend a good brick wall as being a better absorber of heat than a light-coloured one. A cemented wall wired is not so warm for the trees as an ordinary brick wall without wires. In other respects it would give many advantages.

Fire-heat will not be necessary now, unless during a continuance of dull damp weather, when a little heat will prevent stagnation of atmosphere.

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It is difficult to propagate the Tulip-tree in any other way bat from seed, which, when saved from trees in this country, seldom germinates. Abundant supplies are, however, annually sent home from its native country - America, from which nurserymen obtain young plants, which they sell at almost nominal prices. If you can layer the branches of your tree, you may be successful in rooting them in about two years. But seedlings are always preferable, as they make the most vigorous and handsome trees. The Tulip-tree is sawn into boards, and used instead of slates for roofing in America.

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Mix phosphoric paste with some mashed Potato, and lay it on pieces of slate in their haunts, and syringe the same with paraffin, at the rate of two wine-glassfulls well mixed with a gallon of water. The common toad introduced into your greenhouse will feast on them.