We do not think the Trentham Black a suitable Vine for an early vinery, nor the Bowood Muscat. We prefer the Common Muscat of Alexandria to the latter, and Madersfield Court Black to the former. You can inarch them with ease. The others you have will do very well. The list for your late house will do very well, except that we would advise you to plant one Old Acre's West St Peter's, a very nice Grape, which comes into use when the Hamburghs fail, and before Lady Downes has got up its full flavour. We notice what you say about the failure of the White Lady Downes before the Fruit Committee; it was roughly used on the railway evidently, for it seems it was brown in colour; you must use your own discretion whether you plant it or not. On Easter Sunday we shall place a dish of it, and one of Black Lady Downes, on our employer's table; and if you can procure another white variety that will enable you to do this, plant it instead. We have two Vines of Mrs Pince's Muscat, and do not intend to increase our stock.

We cannot advise you to plant it where you have Black Lady Downes.