No. 1. Hypericum montanum. 2. Hypericum pulchrum. 3. Poly-gala vulgaris. 4. We do not recognise. It is most difficult to make anything of such dried-up morsels. Plant your Liliums at once in half loam, half well-decayed manure, with a fifth part of sand.

Amateur #1

Examine under the surface of the soil and see that grubs are not the cause of your disaster. Grubs have been most destructive in field and garden this season, and Pansies and Cauliflowers have suffered much.

Amateur #2

Many circumstances may cause Grapes not to set and swell properly. We suspect, however, from your Grapes colouring prematurely in a small state, - the border being good, - that there is something amiss with the roots. Examine them and see if there is not an insect preying on them. What you describe is just what takes place in the case of Vines infested with Phil-loxera.

Amateur #3

Next month you may transplant your Rhododendrons with perfect safety. Indeed it is perhaps the best time for the operation. Should it be dry at the time, settle the soil well about them with water.

Amateur #4

We do not approve of cutting the leaves of Strawberries at any season, and do not know of any advantage that can arise from the practice, but, on the contrary, it must weaken the fruit-bearing crowns. Give them plenty of room, but do not cut off the leaves.

Amateur #5

The leaves should never be cut off Strawberries. Remove all the runners as soon as the fruit is over, l 1/2 cwt. to the acre of nitrate of soda is an excellent manure for Strawberries. For early crops, grow Keen's Seedling; second early, Garibaldi and President; for latest, Elton Pine.

Amateur #6

The most likely cause of your Lettuces damping off, is a want of sufficient ventilation.

We have to thank numerous friends for their much valued contributions, for which we are unable to find room in our present issue.

Amateur #7

Both soot and wood-ashes, if applied before they get wet or damp, are excellent for dressing your Vine-border. The former supplies ammonia, and the wood-ashes potash. Use the soot first, and in a week or two the ashes, forking them into the surface of the border.