The creepers to which you refer, especially the Mandevillea, will bring red-spider on your Vines. Camellias may be grown on the back wall of your greenhouse, and will do well: and they will bloom on the north aspect of your stables; they bloom well on such an aspect in Scotland. Possibly the Mandevillea will do on a wall in your climate. It is worth a trial.

C. S #1

We will do our best to meet your case, especially as it may be of use to others besides yourself.

C. S #2

Your questions would require a whole treatise on Melon-culture to do them justice. We prefer a half-span pit running east and west, with a bed of soil about 3 feet wide, with two rows of pipes under it for bottom-heat, and - for ripening Melons not earlier than August - 3 rows of 4-inch pipes for top-heat. The pit should be high enough to give plenty of head-room without the head coming in contact with the hanging fruit. Sow at the middle of May and again in June. Try Golden Perfection and Dell's Hybrid.