This was a very fine and extensive show, and notwithstanding the drought, the Roses were superb in quality. Of Roses, 72 varieties, distinct, eight most excellent collections were shown, the first prize, after a very close competition, being carried off by Mr B. R. Cant, of Colchester, whose blooms were superbly rich in colour. Amongst his collection the best were Madame Noman, remarkably fine white; Dupuy-Jamin, very rich; Madame Charles Wood, very fine; Alfred Colomb, first-rate; Marie Baumann, very fine; Baronne de Rothschild, large and good; Marechal Niel, first-rate; and the following, all good blooms: - John Hopper, Madame Caillat, Mrs Rivers, Souvenir d'Elise,. Madame Crapelet, and La Rhone. Messrs Paul & Son came in second; Mr J. Cranston, King's Acre, Hereford, third; and Mr J. Keynes, Salisbury, fourth; some really splendid examples being contributed in their collections. Messrs Paul & Son sent the best 48, 3 trusses of each, including, besides several of the above-named, remarkably fine specimens of Beauty of Wal-tham, Mrs George Paul, Charles Rouillard, Comtesse de Chabrilland, Marie Rady, Abel Grand, and Victor Verdier, etc.

The other prizes were taken by the following exhibitors, in the order named: Mr Turner, Mr J. Fraser, Lea Bridge, and Mr J. Cranston. In the nurserymen's classes for 24, 3 trusses and 1 truss of each respectively, Mr B. R. Cant again supplied the first prize groups from his Colchester nursery; and it was noticeable that most of his varieties were exceedingly rich in colour, and were as fine in size. His blooms of Edward Morren, Marguerite de St Amand, Marechal Niel, Alfred Colomb, Xavier Olibo, Prince Humbert, and Antoine Ducher, were deserving of the highest commendation. Amongst amateurs, the Rev. E. N. Pochin was credited with the greatest number of first prizes, which he took for 36, 24, and 12 respectively, with, amongst others, capitally finished blooms of Marechal Niel, Madame Clemence Joigneaux, Comtesse de Paris, Alfred Colomb, Louise Peyronny, Madame C. Wood, and Xavier Olibo, etc. The best 48 were a capitally-put-up collection, from Mr Ingle, gardener to Mrs Round, Colchester, comprising Thyra Hammerich, Fisher Holmes, Due de Rohan, Beauty of Waltham, Duchesse de Caylus, Madame Annie Wood, and Madame Fillion, in the best possible condition. The competition in these classes was very spirited, first-class blooms being the order of the day.

The best new Rose of 1868 was Miss Ingram, white, blush centre, shown in excellent condition by Mr Turner; the next best was Dupuy-Jamin, a very bright cerise, a fine variety, shown by Mr B. R. Cant; Messrs Paul & Son came in third with Nardy Freres; and Mr J. Keynes fourth, with Edward Morren. These represent the more salient points of the show, though there were many others equally attractive.