At this exhibition there was a large and excellent display of flowering plants, supplemented by an extensive exhibition of table decorations, which constituted a new and attractive feature. The day being one of the warmest and most delightful we have had this summer - in fact, the first real summer-day - the building and grounds were thronged with visitors.

The collections of stove and greenhouse plants were numerous, some of the highest merit, and, with a few exceptions, on the whole very good. Many of the plants had appeared at the Royal Horticultural Society's Show on the previous Wednesday and Thursday, and our notes, therefore, will be shorter than usual. In the nurserymen's class for ten, Mr Williams, of Holloway, was first, and had a fine specimen of Phrenocoma prolifera, not yet in full beauty; Anthurium Scherzeria-num, with nineteen spathes, and more advancing; Stephanotis floribuda; Clero-dendron Thomsonse, - not, however, showing so much of its crimson corollas as usual; Azalea Brilliant; Aphelexis macrantha purpurea; an excellent Dracophyllum gracile; Pimelea decussata; and the pretty Baronia pinnata. Messrs Jackson &

Son, Kingston, were second, and had Pimelea Hendei'soni in beautiful condition, though the plant was not so large as some others exhibited, an excellent Erica ventricosa coccinea minor, Rhynchospermum jasminoides, Genetyllis tulipifera, and other good specimens. Mr Tanton, of Epsom, who was third, had a beautiful Aphelexis, Allamandagrandifiora, and other well-grown plants. In the corresponding class for amateurs, Mr Peed, gardener to Mrs Tread well, Lower Norwood, took the first place with a fine collection, the most noticeable plants in which were Allamanda graudiflora, Eriostemon buxifolium, Aphelexis macrantha purpurea, finely coloured, Erica Cavendishii, Ixora coccinea, and Franciscea calycina. The second prize went to Mr Donald, gardener to J. G. Barclay, Esq., Ley ton, who had the rose-coloui-ed Adenandra fragrans, Stephanotis floribunda, Rhynchosper. mum jasminoides, and the showy Dipladenia amabilis. Mr Wilkie, gardener, Oak Lodge, Kensington, was third, and sent, among others, his fine Medinilla maguifica, Dracophyllum gracile, Franciscea calycina, and Erica tricolor im-pressa.

In the amateurs' class for six plants, Mr Ward, gardener to F. G. Wilkins? Esq., Leyton, was first, with a very fine Aphelexis, Bougainvillea glabra, nearly 4. feet in diameter; a large Erica Cavendishii; Dracophyllum gracile, very fine; Stephanotis floribunda and Clerodendron Balfourii, both excellent. The second prize went to Mr Carr, gardener to P. L. Hinds, Esq., Byfleet, who had a fine plant of Phsenocoma prolifera Barnesii, the bright-coloured flowers of which were not so numerous as to give it that effect which it would otherwise have had. In the same collection there were also good examples of Pimelea spectablis and Acrophylluni venosum. Mr Kemp, gardener to the Duke of Northumberland, Albury Park, was third, Mr Wilkie fourth, and an extra prize was awarded to Mr Peed. In the open class for collections of the same number of plants, the last-named exhibitor was first, showing a small but finely-bloomed Allamanda graudiflora, Ixora coccinea, and Polygala oppositifolia. The second, third, and fourth prizes went respectively to Mr Wheeler, gardener to J. Phillpot, Esq., Stamford Hill; to Mr A. Wright, gardener to C. H. Roberts, Esq.; and to Mr G. Wheeler, gardener to Sir F. Goldsmid, Bart., Regent's Park. Mr Kemp, who also exhibited in this class, had Acrophylluni venosum with spikes 6 1/2 inches long, and much whiter than those of any plant of the same kind shown, and it only wanted to be as large as the others to be at least twice as effective.

Mixed collections of fine-foliaged and flowering stove and greenhouse plants were neither so numerous nor so effective as at Kensington on the previous Wednesday; and as prizes were not offered for Ferns, there were but few of these. Mr Carr, who was first for a collection of twelve, had good but not lai'ge examples of Croton angustifolium and variegatum, a well-coloured plant of Dracsena ferrea picte, Alocasia metaliica, and a prettily-flowered specimen of Erica ventricosa magnifica. Mr Foreman, gardener to G. Maule, Esq., Denmark Hill, was second, and sent Anthurium regale and Scherzerianum, Alocasia metaliica, with finely-coloured leaves, Cissus discolor, and Musssenda frondosa, with its white calycine leaves freely developed. The first prize for six went to Mr Wright, in whose collection were the elegant Fern-like Cupania filicifolia, Gleichenia semivestita, very beautiful; a fine Croton variegatum, and a good Aphelexis. Mr Donald was second, Mr Carr third, and Mr Wilkie had an extra prize.

Of Heaths the specimens shown were excellent, especially those of the varieties of ventricosa and tricolor; also Eassoniana, Alberti, perspicua nana, elegans, candidissima, Fairrieana, Candolleana, florida, Massoni major, and Juliana. The prizes in the nurserymen's class were taken by Messrs Jackson, Morse, Williams, and Rhodes; and in the amateurs' class by Messrs Peed, Ward, Kemp, and J.

Wheeler. In the open class they were taken by Messrs Ward, J. Wheeler. Morse, and Peed.

Orchids were not shown in such, large numbers as in some previous years, nor have they been so anywhere this season. Mr Williams was the only exhibitor in the nurserymen's class for ten, and took a first prize with nearly the same collection as shown at Kensington. The best collection of eight came from Mr Wilson, gardener to W. Marshall, Esq., Enfield, and included a fine specimen Cypripedium caudatum with eight flowers, having petals nearly 2 feet long; a fine variety of Cattleya Mossise, Dendrobium Dalhousieanum, Vanda tricolor, Lselia purpurata, Eriopsis rutidobulbon, with three spikes a foot long; and Aerides Lobbii, with two spikes, which will be very fine when fully developed. Mr Young, gardener to W. H. Stone, Esq., M. P., was second; Mr Woodward, third; and Mr Peed, fourth. Mr Woodward had very good examples of Dendrobium densiflorum, Anguloa Clowesii, and Lycaste aromatica. For six, Mr Wilson was again first with Odontoglossum Alexandriae with four most beautiful large-flowered spikes; Dendrobium densiflorum album, Lselia purpurata, Cattleya Mossia) superba, Vanda suavis, and Cattleya Warneri, all in fine condition.

Mr Ward came second, Mr Wright third, and extra prizes were given to Messrs Young, Woodward, and Peed.

In pot Roses, Mr Turner was first in both classes, and his collection of smaller ones was the theme of universal admiration. It contained well-bloomed plants of Madame E. Appert, Madame Margottin, Horace Vernet, Miss Ingram, Madame George Paul, Madame Alice Dureau, Senateur Vaisse, Pteine du Midi, Monsieur Woolfield, Madame Furtado, Madame Clemence Joigneaux, Alba Rosea, Monsieur Nomau, Souvenir d'un Ami, Victor Verdier, President Willermoz, Charles Law-son, Felix Genero, Mademoiselle Therese Levet, and Enfant d'Ameugny. Messrs Paul & Son were second with large pots, but did not exhibit in the other class. In cut Roses, Mr Mitchell was first with fifty Roses, and Mr Turner first for twenty-four. In the box of the former were some grand blooms of Baroness Rothschild, Clotilde Rolland, Marechal Niel, Prince de Portia, Mademoiselle Therese Levet, and Nardy freres (uew). Messrs Paul & Son were second, and in their collection were some good blooms of Duke of Edinburgh, Exposition de Brie, Marechal Niel, Duchesse de Caylus, Alfred Colomb, etc.; while Mr Turner's box of twenty-four contained admirable examples of the following: - Leopold Hausburg, Lselia, Souvenir de Charles Montault, Abel Grand, Paul Verdier, Duchesse de Caylus, Souvenir d'un Ami, Madame Boll, Charles Verdier, Oliver Delhomme, Celine Forestier, Mademoiselle Annie Wood, Gloire de Dijon, Miss Ingram, Antoine Ducher, Mademoiselle Marguerite Dombrain, Madame Victor Verdier, Niphetos, Rev. H. H. Dombrain, La France, Alfred Colomb, Madame Margottin, Marechal Vaillant.

Pelargoniums and Azaleas were much the same as at previous shows. On either side of the nave, Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing, and Jas. Carter & Co., had arranged choice and valuable groups of plants that did each of these firms the greatest credit.