This is one of the most distinct and beautiful of the Cypripediums, and one which ought to be in every collection of this interesting genus of orchidaceous plants. Our illustration, which is from a photograph of a beautiful coloured drawing which appeared in Curtis's 'Botanical Magazine' a few years ago, and which was taken from one of the first specimens which flowered in this country, will serve to show its distinctness and very neat compact habit. It is described in the ' Botanical Magazine' as "differing entirely from all the species of that extensive genus at present known. Its leaves are compactly arranged, and being beautifully mottled on their upper surface, and of a rich reddish purple below, they contrast agreeably with the pale primrose tint of the flowers, two of which are borne on a short hairy scape." It is a native of Moul-mein, and grows on limestone rock; but it thrives well in rough fibry peat and Sphagnum. For further cultural notes we refer to the excellent paper on Cypripedium culture which appeared in our May number.

Cypripedium Concolor.

Fig. 17. - Cypripedium Concolor.