In the valuable article on Cypripediums from the pen of one of their best cultivators, reference is made to the beautiful hybrids raised by Mr Dominy at the Messrs Veitch's establishment, and we are indebted to the 'Journal of Horticulture' for the accompanying illustration of one of the best of these, which is described in that publication as follows: -

"This beautiful variety is deservedly named after Mr Dominy, so well known as the successful cross-breeder of Orchids at the Messrs Veitch's. Mr Dominy obtained it by crossing C. Pearci and C. caudatum. The chief points in his own description of this offspring are as follows: -

" 'Peduncle many-flowered; spathe-like bracts half the length of the ovary ovary rather pilose; sepals oblong triangular; petals caudate, ciliated; lip saccate, near the mouth retuse.' It is remarkable that it is in almost every feature an intermediate of its two parents. Its flowers have the yellowish-green tint and purple veins and blotches of caudatum, and, like them, open altogether. Messrs Veitch find that it is a very free-flowering variety".

Cypripedium Dominianum.

Fig. 14. - Cypripedium Dominianum.

C. Harrisianum - a plate of which at our request the Messrs Veitch prepared for us, but which is, unfortunately, too large for our pages - is another magnificent hybrid which we owe to the skill and perseverance of Mr Dominy. It is a hybrid between C. villosum and C. barbatum, and it partakes of the character of both parents, while perfectly distinct from either, and is altogether a lovely plant.