From what we learned of this Melon before it was sent out, a very high opinion was formed of it. We have this year grown a span-roofed Melon-house, 80 feet long, full of it, excepting a few lights devoted to Cucumbers, and in every way our expectations of it have been fully realised. For the last eleven years the same house has been devoted to various Melons of excellent reputations. But notwithstanding the most unfavourable season, perhaps, ever experienced by any gardener now in practice, we have never taken so many really good Melons out of the house. It is evidently a variety with a robust and fruitful constitution, for it set freely in spite of constant rain and almost entire absence of sunshine. Judging from its flavour, under most unfavourable conditions for developing that important quality in Melons, it must in ordinary seasons be of exquisite flavour. This is, indeed - to say nothing more - highly probable from the fact that, among numerous Melons that were submitted to the London R. H. S. Fruit-committee, Dell's Hybrid was the only one to which a first-class certificate was awarded the year before it was sent out.

At all events, we do not intend to grow any other Melon than this green-fleshed one.