This is a fine free-forcing plant, easily managed, and when grown in good clumps in the open ground, which should be well manured at planting-time, and giving frequent waterings throughout the summer, by autumn they will have formed fine large crowns. Let them be lifted as soon as they have dropped all the leaves, taking care to injure the roots as little as possible, putting each clump into a pot a little larger than the ball, so as to get a layer of fresh loam round them, to induce fresh root-action when started; by so doing, we find they start stronger and make better plants altogether than when the ball is crammed into a small pot. They will stand in any cool place until required for forcing. We generally start ours in the Mushroom-house, looking over them daily to remove any that have fairly started to a lighter place, with about the same heat, giving them frequent waterings with manure-water after they are in full leaf, also daily syringing until taken to the conservatory, where they are generally much admired.