This variety has been in cultivation a considerable time, but we think that, as an early white Grape, it is not yet so well known nor so much grown as it deserves to be. Especially is this applicable to it as an early-forcing Grape in pots. In the early part of summer we saw very extraordinary examples of it in pots at Thoresby Park and Chatsworth, at both of which places were the finest houses of pot-Grapes we have ever met with, and very conspicuous among them was Forster's White Seedling. It cannot lay claim to first-rate flavour, but it is juicy and pleasant, bears and sets most freely, and is very early.

Mr Speed very forcibly exemplifies the wisdom of not cutting back pot-Vines at pruning-time, and allows the bulk of the crop at the top part of the Vine where the buds are always finest, and to which part the principal flow of sap is attracted; and certainly his examples of this style of fruiting well justify the practice.

We may here state that a writer - "Vitis" - in a contemporary, attributes our paper on "Pot-Vines," in last month's 'Gardener,' to William Thomson of Tweed Vineyard, who never saw nor heard of the remarks there made till he saw them in the 'Gardener.'

David Thomson.