Your Vines are attacked by the Vine mildew. Lose no time in painting your hot-water pipes with sulphur. Keep the atmosphere of the vinery dry, and increase the heat and ventilation. This should check the malady if taken in the bud; but if it has made much progress on both foliage and fruit, mix a quantity of sulphur in clear tepid water, and syringe the Vines with it, both fruit and foliage, after which keep the house dry for a time. When the parasite is dead, syringe the bunches with clean water, so as to wash the sulphur off them; a little of it left on the foliage will do no harm. You never can be too watchful for this most destructive of all the ills that Vines are heirs to. The moment you observe a spot on leaf or berry of something like hoar-frost, apply a glass to magnify it, and you will discover the parasite. It spreads with magical rapidity, therefore attack it at once with dry air and sulphur.

Vitis #1

You are giving your Vines too much moisture, and not ventilating sufficiently. Keep the air drier, and air freely at top and bottom; it will arrest the progress of the roughness on the leaves. Get W. Thomson on the Vine, and Williams on Stove and Greenhouse Plants.

Vitis #2

We cannot say: apply to the raiser.