'An Illustrated Natural History of British Moths,' with life-size figures from nature of each species, and of the more striking varieties. Also full descriptions of both the perfect insect and the caterpillar, together with dates of appearance and localities where found. By Edward Newman, F.L.S., F.Z.S. London: W. Tweedie, 337 Strand.

This is a beautifully-got-up volume, which, apart from its being an exhaustive treatise on the subject it refers to, will form a handsome ornament for the drawing-room table; and we cordially recommend it to all who take an interest in British moths, as a guide by which they can name and arrange all their captures in this department of natural history.

'Choice Stove and Greenhouse Plants,' comprising descriptions of upwards of one thousand species and varieties, accompanied by instructions for their cultivation and management. By Benjamin S. Williams, F.R.H.S., Victoria and Paradise Nurseries, Upper Holloway, London.

This is a handsome volume of 330 pages, with a fine coloured plate by Fitch of the beautiful Anthurium Scherzerianum. The work is published and sold by the author, and is the result of many years' experience by one of the most successful plant-growers in this or any other country. Like his other works, it is plain and practical, and should be in the hands of all who wish in any degree to excel as cultivators.