In your valuable paper for July, your correspondent "Subscriber" attributes his Grapes not setting to their hanging over water; here there is an instance to the contrary.

We have a good many of that shy-setting Vine, the Cannon Hall Muscat; and on one Vine carrying a good crop there is a bunch hanging directly over an evaporating trough fixed on the pipes, the end of the bunch being about 3 inches from the water when the trough is full! I was surprised to find every berry had set on that bunch, while the others on the same Vine had set much more thinly - in fact, so thin that they required very few berries cutting out. The trough was full of water while the Vines were blooming. I may further say that I tried one of the same variety with the syringe when in bloom, giving it a slight dewing twice a-day. The result is, small berries without seeds, not above a dozen swelling on a bunch, while the others in the same house are all doing well.

I do not adopt the "dry-atmosphere system." The only difference I make is withholding the syringe, damping the floors, and keeping the evaporators full as usual, thereby getting a good set. A. W.