This is a Canadian swamp-plant of very showy character. It grows about 3 feet high or more in moist damp loam. The flowers are very large, purplish pink, the petals being blotched with crimson at the base. They do not open till very late, except in the warmest parts or against a wall; it is not, therefore, adapted for general cultivation outdoors. It may be grown in pots, however, for greenhouse and conservatory decoration, and would be a very handsome addition to late-blooming plants for this purpose, as it would come in with the earlier Chrysanthemums and Camellias, and be a contrast in form and colour to either of them. It should be grown in large pots, plunged in summer out of doors, and will require to be attended to well with water, moving it indoors on the approach of winter. Increase by cuttings and seed.