"A grand Show" was the general comment made on this fine Exhibition, and it was well deserved. The collections of stove and greenhouse plants were very fine, and, as a matter of course, much admired. Mr Baines, gardener to H. L. Micholls, Esq., formerly of Manchester, but now of Southgate, won the leading prize with 15 superbly-grown plants consisting of Hedaroma - or, as it is now termed, Darwinia tulipifera - Erica ventricosa coccinea, Aphelexis macrautha purpurea and A. humilis rosea; Boronia pinnata, a grand Ixora coccinea, I. aurantiaca, equally fine; Epacris Eclipse, Clerodendron Balfourii, Erica Cavendishiana, Eriostemon nerifolius, Azalea Iveryana, a magnificent example; A. coccinea, Bougainvillea glabra, and Anthurium Scherzerianum, having 13 fine flowers. Mr Chapman, gardener to J. Spode, Esq., Rugeley, was second, who now finds in Mr Baines a foe worthy of his steel. Mr B. S. Williams was first in the nurserymen's class. Cape Heaths and Azaleas made a nice display, but both have been seen in finer condition.

Messrs Jackson & Sons, who have long had a good reputation as cultivators of Ericas, had the following eight in the nurserymen's class, and took the first prize: - Tricolor Wilsoni, Tricolor dumosa, Ventricosa coccinea minor, Victoria, Perspicua nana, Depressa multiflora, Picturata, and Marnockiana.

Orchids were neither numerous nor of extra quality. Some of the gems were Cypripedium barbatum superbum, Odontoglossum luteo-purpureum, Cattleya Mossiae superba, Vanda suavis, Dendrobium densiflorum, Phalaenopsis grandiflora, Oncidium serratum, 0. bictonense, and 0. bifolium. In the nurserymen's class, Mr B. S. Williams had the best ten, and in the amateurs' classes, Mr J. Burnett, gardener to W. Terry, Esq., Fulham, had the best twenty; and Mr Ward, gardener to F. G. Wilkins, Esq., Leyton, the best ten.

Pelargoniums, both show and fancy kinds, were fine, the last being superbly flowered. The best Roses in pots came from Mr C. Turner, and Messrs Paul & Son had the second best. In the way of miscellaneous plants, Mr T. S. Ware, Tottenham, contributed an excellent lot of hardy variegated and flowering plants, many of which were of a highly interesting character; and Mr Turner sent a collection of Tulips, which were much admired for the richness of their colouring. Altogether, it was a most successful Exhibition.