Jasione, another small genus of Campanulaceae, is distinct in structure and aspect from all other genera of the order. It is not a striking or showy family, and is introduced here chiefly on account of the close approach it makes in the structure of its flowers to the Composites, which will furnish it with a special interest to those who would trace the affinities of plants. The anthers are, as in Composites, united at the base, and form a ring or sheath around the style. The heads of flower are in the way of some of the Scabiosae, and are pretty, though not conspicuously beautiful.

Jasione Humilis

Jasione Humilis is of creeping, somewhat tufted, habit, rarely exceeding 8 inches high, bearing on short stalks compact heads of blue flowers about July and August. The plant is quite hardy, but found at high elevations on the Pyrenees, and enjoying there a blanket of snow during winter; it often succumbs to the combined influence of damp and frost unprotected in our climate. A little fern, dry litter, or other similar material, is all that is necessary to keep it safe. It should be cultivated on rockwork, in light rich loam on the driest possible bottom.

Jasione Perennis

Jasione Perennis is a taller species, reaching the height of 10 or 12 inches, with stems bent at the base, but afterwards erect, bearing on long stalks compact heads of bright-blue flowers, surrounded at the base with a broad rosette of bracts. The flowers appear in June, July, and August. This is a good useful rock-plant, requiring the same treatment as the preceding. It is from the mountains of Central and Southern Europe.