This is a very beautiful and remarkable plant, introduced by M. de Jongh of Brussels, through a young and energetic collector, M. Libon, who died while collecting in the Brazils. It has been flowered by Messrs Veitch & Sons, and from their plant the beautiful drawing in the Botanical Magazine was prepared. The bulbs are about 2 inches long, produced closely together on a stout creeping rhizome. Each pseudo-bulb bears a thick blunt leaf about 6 inches in length, and dark green in colour. The flowers are borne 1 or 2 together, and are 3 or 4 inches across, produced on a short spike from the young growth, like those of Lailia praestans. The sepals and petals are of a clear crimson purple tint, varying to a bright rich amethyst purple. The lip is purple at the base, white at the apex, suffused with rose, the throat being stained with golden yellow, and there are about 7 longitudinal plates down the disc. It grows freely in a shallow pan suspended close to the glass in the Cattleya house, and is one of the very finest of modern introductions.