Many years ago we had experience in very small vineries. This experience led us some years ago to advocate large, airy, light vineries in the pages of the 'Scottish Gardener.' Farther experience and observation tend to strengthen the conviction in favour of houses enclosing a large volume of air, as being most in unison with the habit of Vines as to space for growing in, and most likely to give highly-coloured, fine-flavoured Grapes, with better keeping qualities, and as affording circumstances better adapted for keeping Grapes than are possible in small houses with a much more fluctuating temperature. A private correspondent writes us that he finds Lady Downes and other late sorts in large houses equal in flavour in October to any that he has grown in small houses at Christmas. In all our wanderings this summer, we invariably met with the best Grapes - other things being equal - in strong, holding soils. And there can be no doubt that strong, rather moist soils will produce the finest samples of Grapes for the greatest length of time.