This grand event, for it is nothing less, begins on the 14th of May, and ends on the 21st. It will, as hitherto, be held in the Botanical and Horticultural Society's Gardens at Old Trafford.

For plants and flowers of various descriptions, there is offered in prizes the startling sum of 906, and for fruit 21.

We observe that Mr Williams of Paradise Nursery, Holloway, London, offers a prize of 50 for fifty plants; one half of them to be in bloom, the other half to be foliage-plants. This will be the Derby of the horticultural year. The Society offers 25 as the second prize in this class.

Sam. Mendal, Esq. of Manchester, offers a prize of 20 for ten Cape Heaths in flower; the Society, 10 as a second.

William Cunliffe Brooks, Esq., offers 20 for twelve Roses in bloom; the Society, 10.

C. F. Beyer, Esq., offers 10 for eight Cycads; the Society, 5.

Five other gentlemen offer special prizes of a handsome description for bedding and hardy plants, four bunches of Grapes, the best six Apples, twelve hardy Shrubs, and for Cucumbers.

Then follows a long list of prizes by the Society for every conceivable description of plants.

Verily, the horticultural spirit of Manchester is at the boiling-point, and long may it continue so; and, like the Gulf-stream, may it flow north, and warm the waters as it progresses.

From what we have seen of Mr Finlay's previous management of these great shows, we predict that this will be one of the most magnificent of the season, for he and his council have secured the confidence of exhibitors in ail parts of the country.