The excellence of these as garden ornaments induces me to notice a short list, which I consider well worthy the notice of those who have a spare corner that wants brightening up. I do not say too much when I remark, if many gardeners saw a collection in bloom as good as the one this selection is taken from, they would go into raptures about them, and be quite excusable. Lady Napier (early), white, immense size of pip, solid glossy texture, of perfect form, spike large and compact; habit dwarfish, with beautiful full shining leaves; the finest white extant. Snowflake (early), pure white; also fine. Roi des Blanc (late); only second to Lady Napier, taking all qualities into account, but wants nothing of being second. George Wilson (early), white, with rose-purple eye, magnificent spike, dwarf, closely covered with handsome foliage. Mrs Baillie (early), white, suffused pink, bright rose eye, dwarf and fine. Mrs Liddle in a great measure resembles Mrs Baillie, but is less dense in the shade of the eye. Mrs Thorn also seems closely related to the foregoing two, but carries the bell for a spike. Wm. Blair, rose-purple crimson eye, a magnificent spike of surprisingly fine pips.

The Shah (early), colour dark rose-purple, with a fainter shade over the brow, eye deeper rose-purple, with an expansion of flower more than equal to cover a crown piece; spike extra large; habit dwarf, splendid. John Baily, flowers beautiful, brisk light rose, stamped with a deeper rose-purple around the eye; habit dwarf. George Goodal colour dark rose-purple, with a large clear purple eye, large perfect farmed flowers and massive spike. Mrs Austin, French white, with delicate but distinct touches of purple around the eye; very telling. Marquis of Lorn, cream white, with brisk rose eye, large spike, splendid. The Queen, white, showing delicate tracings of faint purple; a fine old variety, very distinct. The following late sorts are taken from a brilliant assortment grown in pots; they are most diversified in colour, ranging between dark purple and white: - Rosy Morn, dark; the Shah, dark; LadyMiddleton, light; Lothair, dark; Mons. le Baron Deiffe, dark; Roi des Blancs, white; Madame Marie Saison, light; Mons. Henricq, one of the most lovely and telling, giving light and effect to all other Phloxes it is in contrast to, colour rose madder, with a faint maroon eye, enormous spike; Princess Louisa, light; Memnon, dark; Emblem, light; John Standish, light; Mons. Edward, dark; Roi des Roses, dark; Madame Andry, dark; Delicatum, light; Mons. Malet, dark; Edith, light.