Croton Yeitchii, being sent out now. C. Hookerii, to come out in two years. C. Maxima, to come out this year. C. Hillii, bronze and red, to come out this year. C. tricolor, pretty. C. Wysemania has a fine long yellow leaf, looks beautiful as a standard.

Pandanus Yeitchii, fine white-and-green striped.

Dracaena Moorii, a fine large variety to come out this year. D. magnifica, a grand variety, to come out in two years. D. Chelsonii, to come out this year. D. M'Lezia, a very dark variety.

Lomaria bella, a very beautiful crested Fern, somewhat resembling L.

Gihbii - a Davallia, not yet named, from Borneo, a very handsome Fern. Marattia Cooperii, a very distinct Fern. Davallia hemiptera, also pretty.

Araucaria elegans, a pretty plant and hardy.

Hedaroma fimbriata, a pretty pink greenhouse plant. Thybordina accumiiiata covers a greenhouse wall with pretty flowers like. Erica aristata. A very neat-growing plant from Japan is Retinospora fili-eoides.

Adiantum Earleyensis is a Fern with beautifully-cut leaves.

Amongst many beautiful Orchids the following struck us as worthy of note: Catleya exonienses, flowers large, colours purple, yellow, and white. A hybrid Cypripedium between villosum and barbatum, very distinct. A hybrid between Calanthe vestita alba and Phagus grandiflora, besides which we saw many other hybrids not yet bloomed. aerides Huttonii is pink, self-coloured, and very pretty.

These are all noteworthy plants that may with advantage be added to any collection.