We regret to have to announce the death of Robert Miln, Esq., at his seat near Arbroath, on the 13th inst., at the age of 84. Mr Miln was a liberal patron of horticulture, and had a passionate love for Orchids. His collection contains many fine specimens, especially of cool Orchids. Amongst hot Orchids, his plants of Phalaenopsis Schilleriana have long been famous, having gained awards in London and Edinburgh: in the latter town he showed a grand specimen of this noble Orchid at the last spring show, and it was the admiration of all who saw it.

Mr Miln was greatly respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, for the kindness of his heart as well as for the clearness of his judgment. His extensive collection of Orchids will, it is to be feared, be dispersed.

Among the many distinguished botanists and horticulturists who have recently been removed by death, few, if any among them, will be more regretted than the late Dr Moore of Glasnevin Botanic Gardens, Dublin, who died rather suddenly on Monday, June 9th. Dr Moore was a gentleman who was very widely known for his eminent talents, and respected by all who knew him for his unassuming genial nature. He was a native of Dundee, and began his horticultural career in the gardens of Camperdown, near that town. Like not a few whose careers were afterwards very successful, he spent a few years in the then celebrated nurseries of Mr Cunningham, Comely Bank, Edinburgh; after which, in 1S28, he went to the College Gardens, Dublin, to assist Dr Mackay, the then curator, whom he afterwards succeeded. From this position he was removed by being appointed curator and director of the Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, which post he held for many years. As a botanist and hybridiser, as well as a cultivator, Dr Moore stood very high. He was a constant, successful, and hard worker in both the departments of botanical science and practical horticulture.

No pains nor trouble did he shrink from to render his charge interesting and instructive, and for this purpose he travelled far and wide in almost every country in Europe. In 1S65, the University of Zurich acknowledged his valuable services to science by conferring on him the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.