One of the best table-plants of recent introduction, surpassing all the other Pandanuses. The leaves are serrated, light-green colour, with lines of pure white, and curving gracefully. Although our plant is small, it has all the appearance of being a plant that will be much sought after. With liberal treatment a nice plant can soon be got fit for the table. A compost of half peat and fibry loam, with a good dash of silver-sand; plunge in a nice brisk bottom-heat, with plenty of moisture in the atmosphere of the house, removing it some time previous to a temperature a little drier, if to be used for decorative purposes.

Pandanus Veitchii #1

There are a good many Screw-Pines in cultivation now, but none more strikingly ornamental than this. It is a variegated sort with broad shining leaves, banded and striped with bright green and clear creamy white. The old well-known P. javani-cus is the nearest approach to it in style, but it quite eclipses that sort in its striking bolder beauty. It differs from P. javanicus in having wider and flatter leaves, and in the variegation being less regularly marginal: some leaves are nearly wholly white, others broadly margined with white, and some striped in an irregular way with alternate bands of white and green. The leaves are also less dangerously armed, the spines on the margin being small and few, while on the midrib there are scarcely any. The leaves are also shorter in plants of the same size than those of P. javanicus. It is vigorous and free growing, and one of the handsomest foliage plants of recent introduction. Small plants are particularly well adapted for table decoration, being both elegant and effective.

Pandanus Ornatus

This sort has been longer in cultivation, but does not appear to be more generally distributed. It is more elegant, but not so showy. The style of growth is not so bold and vigorous. The leaves are narrow and comparatively short, but more numerous and densely crowded than in any other Pandanus with which we are acquainted, and they arch from the centre of the plant over the sides of the pots most gracefully; they are also deep olive-green, and armed closely on the margins with short white spines, which impart an interesting feature to the plant.