It so happened that we were at the Essex Agricultural Society's show, held at Romford in June last, and also visited the Romford Horticultural Society's Show, held in the same park and at the same time; and in many respects, for a local show, it was a very good one. However, unlike your correspondent, Mr Nokes, we failed to see anything especially noteworthy in Mr Bones, of Stavering Park, "quietly walking off with seventeen prizes." The fact of Mr Douglas, of Loxford Hall, occupying the premier position in seventeen classes, besides two or three of secondary importance, certainly strikes us as more worthy of note. But we must confess that what apppeared to us of much greater interest were the collections of stove and greenhouse and foliage plants and the Exotic Ferns, staged by Messrs Donald of Layton, and Green of Mark's Hall, Kelvedon; and also the double Pelargoniums, fruit, and Cucumbers exhibited by Mr Douglas. Some would have stood a decided chance for first honours anywhere, and all would have graced the tables of any exhibition.

We sincerely trust that neither Mr Bones nor Mr Nokes will look on this as dictated by any degree of ill-feeling towards either: we write it simply for the sake of that justice which is due to every one, and at the same time to express the hope that those who in future have a desire to report local shows will go to more reliable sources of information than that afforded by the newspaper press, or, otherwise, not make a high-class journal like the ' Gardener' the medium for their communications. R. P. B.