E. Welsh

The Celery you sent us last spring was of first-rate excellence; we shall be much obliged for a pinch of seed this spring.

E Welsh 3007

Education Of Gardeners

"We do not see our way to open our pages to the discussion of this subject, just now at any rate. There has been a deal of nonsense uttered anent it; and all that we have heard said about it of recent years, we consider greatly inferior to what Mr Loudon wrote about it many years ago.

Epigaea Repens

Epigaea Repens is a dwarf, trailing, evergreen shrub, rarely rising above 9 inches high, with white - in some individuals, pink - flowers in small clusters, very fragrant, delighting in shady places, and excellent for introducing into woods where the native vegetation is not of a rank character, and where the soil is peaty, or composed of decayed leaves and sand. W. S.

Epps's Selected Peat

Mr James Epps, Lewisham, Kent, has sent us a sample of his selected peat, for choice plants, Orchids, Ferns, etc. The quality of the peat seems unexceptionable, and we think it well worthy of being commended to our readers, especially as some plant-cultivators are often at a loss where to obtain such an article.


In our notice of Sir Garnet Wolseley Cucumber last month, we gave the name of the raiser as James Hamilton. It should have been Joseph Hamilton & Son, Carlisle.


Lift the whole of your heath from the bed, and trench it, and if possible add some fresh peat or sandy soil and leaf mould; then divide your old plants, cut off portions of the old stumpy roots, and plant them much deeper than they were before, and keep them moist. This process will dwarf them, and they will root afresh on the young wood, and grow more fresh and vigorous.

Erigeron Macranthus

A very showy species, with large spreading rosy-purple flowers - that is, the ray is of that colour, and the disc yellow. An excellent border-plant, growing to the height of about 15 inches.


The Glasgow and West of Scotland Horticultural Society has fixed its Autumn Exhibition for Wednesday and Thursday, the 7th and 8th September, in the City Hall, Glasgow.

The annual competition of the Scottish Pansy Society will be held on June the 17th, at 117 George Street, Edinburgh.


Basket of Plants - Mrs Holt. Collection of Fruit - C. Rylance. Rustic Stand of Flowers - 1. R. Duke (Wade, gardener); 2. S. S. Parker.

Collection of Gourds - H. Duckworth (Jones, gardener).

Tynninghame Muscat Grapes - Mr Lees, Tynninghame.