Scilla (Squill)

This is one of the loveliest of the genera of spring flowers. S. amoena, bifolia, campanulata, italica, nutans, and sibirica, are the principal of the spring-flowering sorts, and all should be grown in quantity. Of bifolia, campanulata, and nutans, there are several varieties that are useful as furnishing materials for a variety of decorative effects.

Sedum Acre Aureum

This form of the common stone crop has been well described as the "most valuable of all the humbler plants we possess for what is termed the 'Spring Flower-Garden.' " It forms a "glittering mass of yellow points," dense and compact, and for carpet-work in the early spring months it is unequalled. A moist situation suits it best; there it will thrive, and gladden the heart of the cultivator, as about one-third of the point of each shoot is of the brightest golden yellow. E. W.

Seedling Auriculas (A. Veal)

No 1. An alpine variety, with golden paste and smooth dark-blue edge; No. 2. A self variety, with white paste and smooth dark margin; both promising.

Seedling Delphinium (T. S. W.)

Your seedling from D. formosum is a lovely flower, being of an intense bright blue, with a pale dull red-lilac spot on each segment, the double lip and crest in the centre being pure white. It is also quite as large as the parent. Some of the pale-blue flowers sent are very pretty, and well worthy another season's culture.

Sempervivum - (Miss Angel)

Use S. Californicum in conjunction with Echeveria secunda glauca. You will find it better than the combination you tried during the past summer.


Sempervivums offer a few distinct forms which are already well known to flower-gardeners as amongst the best subjects for carpet and geometrical bedding. S. californicum, tectorum, montanum, being three of the larger growers; while for small or narrow lines and beds, flagelliforme, soboliferum, arachnoideum, and arenarium, are very neat and pretty.

Silene Elizabethoe

A most lovely species, growing to the height of about 4 inches. The flowers are very large, bright deep-rose.

Spirea Palmata (Inquirer)

Mr Charles Noble, Nurseryman, Bagshot, Surrey, is distributing it, but you may obtain it through any nurseryman.

St Austill

Dr Hogg is a first-rate Strawberry, somewhat resembling the British Queen in shape, size, and flavour; you cannot grow a more useful variety.

Strawberry, Dr Hogg (A. E.)

Thanks for the fine examples of this splendid Strawberry. We have frequently met with it growing in gardens, and every one speaks of it in the highest terms. We should certainly advise you to make it one of your main crop varieties.