The above genus of plants are natives of New Holland. The name is from two Greek words (choros, a dance, and zeraa, a drink), and was suggested to the discoverer by the fact that he found it growing near some fresh water, after the party had been a considerable time without any of that very necessary fluid, and the sight of which caused them to dance for joy. The plant is a greenhouse evergreen, and is one of the handsomest, as well as one of the most useful, of our greenhouse plants. It is useful either for cutting, for decorative work, or for exhibition; in fact it is among the very best of exhibition plants. They bear pruning well, so that should they at any time exceed the space allotted to them, one need not be afraid to use the knife freely upon them.

The soil best adapted to their wants consists of good fibry peat three parts, turfy loam one part, a little charcoal, and a good sprinkling of sharp sand added thereto. They root readily from cuttings of the half-ripened side-shoots about midsummer, and treated in the usual way; but plants raised from seed are by far the best, and make the finest specimens. The seed should be sown in March, and the pot or pan plunged in a hotbed, and covered with a piece of glass, until the seed begins to vegetate, when the glass may be removed. When the young seedlings have made two pairs of leaves, they should be pricked out singly into small pots, and replunged in the hotbed for a time, until they begin to grow afresh. When the pots are filled with roots, they must be shifted into larger ones, and so on, as they require it. They should be pinched a few times when they are small, so as to induce them to break into numerous shoots and form bushy plants. Their time of flowering is from March to June. They can be set out of doors when the weather becomes warm enough, choosing a sheltered place, and exposed to the sun : the pots might be plunged among coal-ashes, which will tend to prevent them from getting over-dry at any time.

A winter temperature of from 45° to 50° will suit them.