Edited by Shirley Hibbert, F.H.S. Published at the 'Gardener's Magazine' Office, 11 Ave Maria Lane.

This Annual is as interesting and useful as ever. It contains numerous tables calculated to be of service to gardeners. It is almanac and note-book combined. Gives select lists of all sorts of trees, Conifera, shrubs, ornamental fruit-trees, climbing plants, etc, and arranges all these according to the positions and purposes for which they are best suited. It gives a comprehensive garden calendar for every month, which is interspersed with numerous wood engravings of vegetables and fruits, and gives a treatise on the management of small gardens. Besides information of this sort, it gives lists of all the new plants and fruits, with woodcuts of some of them that were introduced in 1870; and finishes with suitable selections of plants and flowers for gardens of various sizes.