ON making our appearance before you on this the first day of a new year, we wish you the usual compliments of the season. At the same time, we feel that you are entitled to more than this at our hands. Thanks for your kind patronage in the past, and for the indulgence you have extended to our many defects. We earnestly hope to retain the former and to remedy the latter. With a view to this, we have made such additions to our regular staff of writers, including some of the most successful practical gardeners in Britain, as will enable us to fill the pages of the ' Gardener' during the current year with valuable information on nearly every topic that can interest the horticulturist, to whatever class he may belong. The important subject of the cultivation of vegetables and proper management of the kitchen-garden has been intrusted to Mr D. Thomson of Drumlanrig, author of 'The Handy Book of the Flower-Garden,' etc. TheRev. S. Reynolds Hole will continue his delightful papers on the Eose. The subject of hardy fruit cultivation will be treated of in detail. We shall continue our papers on the culture of forced fruit.

Having discovered during the last year that many of our readers were dissatisfied because we omitted detailed reports of the great horticultural exhibitions of the season, - with a view to meet their wishes we shall give reports of the most important of those held during the present year, even if we have to add an additional half-sheet to prevent the abridgment of our usual matter.

"We shall be happy to receive communications from our readers on all matters connected with Horticulture and Floriculture, whether these be intended to convey or elicit information. Anything that can give impetus to the great horticultural wave which we hope ere long to see inundating the whole land, and carrying with it increased happiness, comfort, and refinement, alike to the dwellers in the humble cottage and the lordly hall, shall have our earnest and persevering attention.