By Dr Robert Hogg, LL.D., 171 Fleet Street, London.

This welcome little annual is, as usual, replete with useful information. In addition to a very excellent practical calendar of garden operations for every month, it contains many excellent garden receipts, and particularly for the making of home-made wines. It gives a list of the new plants, fruits, and vegetables of 1878, and many elaborate treatises on the cultivation of popular flowers, etc.

The Horticultural Directory (also published at 171 Fleet Street, London), as usual, gives the full addresses of metropolitan and provincial nurserymen and florists, and of the gardeners of the United Kingdom, with their employers' names and nearest railway station; as well as a list of botanic gardens, public parks, botanical and floral societies, and the names of their managers and secretaries. These two annuals should be in the hands of every gardener.