I AM no weather prophet; neither would I draw conclusions as to the coming winter from passing incidents: one fact I will mention, during a practice of forty years I never knew the ice-house filled so early as the 14th of November until this day, and this day it has been done, with nice ice, much of it from 2 to 2 inches thick: the place is within 18 miles of London. We have before now saved our ice in November, and found that the winter afforded no second chance; it may not be so this season. S. X.

Weather Report

Mean temperature for July - min. 47°.4, max. 71°; rainfall, 2.90. Rain fell on twenty-four days of this month, and thunder was heard on the 1st, 4th, 5th, 10th, 23d, 26th, and 30th. Lightning was only seen on the 1st and 4th. It will be seen from the above that rain fell on almost all the days of this month, but not to any great extent; on the 4tb, 0.48 inch was the greatest in twenty-four hours.

Mean temperature for August - min. 47°. 5, max. 72°. 6. The thermometer on the 10th registered 86° in the shade, which was the highest recorded this summer; lowest, 37° on the 22d. Rainfall, 1.72; days of fall, eight. No rain fell from the 30th of July up to August 17th.

Mean temperature for September - min. 42°.5, max. 62°. 1. The min. thermometer read 32° on the 29th, which was the lowest; rainfall, 5.04 inches. On nineteen days of this month rain fell, on the 24th and 27th 1.21 and 1.01 inch respectively fell in twenty-four hours.

The disease amongst the Potatoes is very prevalent in this neighbourhood this year, and there is very much difference in the varieties as to being attacked with the disease. Early Ash Leaf Kidney, about 10 per cent are diseased; Prince's Early Prolific and Myatt's Kidney, 5 per cent; the Ash Top Fluke quite 80 per cent; and Smith's Early is very bad - they are nearly all gone together: but the Potatoes that are cultivated in the field are a fair average crop, and not more than 5 per cent are gone. John Finlay.

Meldon Park, Morpeth, Northumberland.