In "Notes on New Varieties of Fruits" which appeared in last month's 'Gardener,' Mr Shortt includes Dr Hogg and a Bee among yellow-fleshed Peaches, which is a mistake. I have grown both of these; the former I got from Mr Rivers, and they are both of them white-fleshed. Dr Hogg; is one of the handsomest Peaches I ever saw, being very large and highly coloured, and the flesh sprightly and deliciously flavoured; indeed, taking size and flavour into consideration, I do not know any other sort to equal it. It ripens with me in the beginning of August.

I do not agree with Mr Shortt in his estimate of the Royal Ascot Grape, which I have also grown. I think it a first-rate variety, and a valuable addition to our collections. J. G. B.