You say you were much annoyed last summer with red-spider on your Vines. It was a grand season for red-spider, being so hot and dry. Peel all the loose bark off your Vines. Wash them with soap and water and a hard brush, then paint them over with a mixture composed of 1 quart water, 1 gill tobacco-water, 3 ounces of sulphur, and a little clay to give the whole the consistency of paint: before you do this wash every part of the wood and glass of your Vinery with warm soap and water, and the brick or stone work with hot lime-wash; even remove an inch of the surface-soil of the inside border, and add fresh instead; do this after you have peeled the loose bark off your Vines, as many of the larvse will be on the surface of the border. See that your borders do not suffer for want of water during the summer. Nothing induces attacks of red-spider more than a dry border and a dry hot atmosphere.