"I was told the other day" says a correspondent of the Garden, "that from one dark apricot-colored Tea Rose Madame Falcot,. worked on a standard briar stock, out of doors, roses had been cut every year to the value of between 30s. or 40s. a year. It is evident, therefore, that this is a useful rose for furnishing cut bloom for market."

Quercus fastigiata - The Gardeners' Chronicle says: "According to M. Petzold, in the Deutschen Reichsanzeiger, the original tree of the upright oak, Quercus Robur fastigiata, near the village of Haareshausen, by As chaffenburg, is 100 feet high, 3 feet 4 inches in diameter breast high, and about 280 years old. The first branches are given off at about 30 feet from the ground. The first descendant of this fine tree adorns the grounds of Wilhelmshohe, near Cassel. It stands near the castle, and is 92 feet high, and a foot less in diameter than the parent tree. The age of this specimen is estimated at 90 years, and it is a very vigorous, healthy tree, branched to the bottom, so that it may be expected to exceed the parent tree in height and size as it does already in beauty.