Nurserymen And Tree Planters

There will be held at the Palmer House, in Chicago, on the second Wednesday in June next, a meeting of the nurserymen of the Northwest, for the purpose of organizing a nurserymen's association. Dr. Ennis, of Clinton, Iowa, will preside, and J. Wilmot Scott, of Galena, will act as secretary. The object of the association will be to promote the general welfare of the tree-growing interest.

Abies Menziesii

The fine specimens of Ab-bies Engelmanni, noted in our Magazine three years ago, as growing on the grounds of Mr. Gray of Boston, proves to be the Abies Menziesii. The seed was from Colorado. It is on the strength of these specimens that the idea has started that the Colorado plant is much better for Eastern culture than those from the Pacific coast, and if all the plants from Colorado seed are to be like these, we heartily endorse the idea.

Prizes For Tree Planting

We call the particular attention of our readers to the schedule of premiums for tree planting issued by the Massachusetts Society for the Promotion of Agriculture. Tree culture can be made a success. It only needs a few examples to illustrate it. Such example premiums of $1000 and $600 ought to bring forth. Schedules can be had of E. N. Perkins, Jamaica Plain, Mass., up to December 1st, 1876. Prof. Sargent's essay is distributed with the Schedule.

Imperfect Reports

There is a vast amount of trash going the rounds of the papers professing to represent the opinions of the Editor of the Gardener's Monthly. This is especially true as regards what he knows of fruit culture. It is useless to follow up these misapprehensions. Their correction involves as much risk as the original statement. We may say in brief that when one reads that we advocate either neglected orchards or expensive manuring, he may at once conclude to doubt the information.


Lilium canadense is well worth cul" tivating. It is admirably suited to our climate, and is the first to bloom. In Germantown its first blossoms open about the first of July. Others follow through the season.

Rhododendrons And Roses

Rhododendrons are beautiful while they last, and uninteresting the rest of the year. Hybrid Perpetual roses, and Gladiolus should be planted among them, and there will be flowers all the year.

Raspberry From Mr. Roe

On the 18th of July came to hand samples of a seedling raspberry - but in one decayed mass.

Seeding Of Aracaurea Excelsa

By artificial application of pollen, an Aracaurea excelsa at Hauva, in Algiers, has been made to produce seeds- a rare thing in the old world.

Poisoning By Laburnum

The leaves, and especially the roots of Laburnum, are poisonous. European papers often have accounts of injury to the health of animals that have eaten it.

Wier's Cut-Leaved Silver Maple

Few "cut-leaved" plants please us, and we had not much of an idea of this. But a specimen in the Centennial collection of Messrs. Hance & Son, shows that it is a very desirable tree.