Under the head of "Seasonable Hints," in June number, speaking of rose slugs, you say: "The best thing of all is to set a boy to crush them by finger and thumb."

Hand picking for rose slugs is now out of date, as you must admit after trying the following: Dissolve one tablespoonful of powdered white hellebore in two gallons of boiling water. When cool enough to use, apply to the roses with a whisk broom, bending the tops of the plants over, so as to reach the under as well as the upper side of the leaves, dashing the liquid upon the plant in a fine spray.

One application is usually sufficient for a season; it is thoroughly effective, cheap, and quickly applied. It is also sure death to the currant slug.

I was much pleased with your very readable article on the Horticultural Department of the Exhibition, and hope you will furnish us more in the same vein.