At the last meeting of the Advisory Committee on Horticulture, there were present: John J. Smith, Chairman, W. L. Shaffer, Thomas Meehan, J. G. Mitchell, Robert Buist, S. B. Parsons, Secretary.

It was advised, That the signs expressing the location of each out-door contributor be in the form of a shield twelve inches wide and fifteen inches high; that they be uniform in shape, and placed with the bottom of the shield not exceeding two inches above the ground.

That there be issued a special catalogue of horticultural articles exhibited.

That the Horticultural Societies and individuals, throughout the United States be requested to offer medals for special exhibitions of plants and cut flowers.

That the judges on horticulture be composed of men well known as experts; and who are not exhibitors.

That the Centennial Commission be requested to appoint a committee of men skilled in the nomenclature of plants, to name plants which are new and unknown.

That the plants of contributors be kept in order by the commission at the request of the contributors who so desire it.

It was especially recommended to the Centennial Commission to set apart a room for the use of the Chief of the Bureau of Horticulture, and the Advisory Committee, and for the reception of Horticulturists from the different parts of the world.

That a special recommendation be sent to the Horticultural periodicals of the world to have their issues placed on the tables of the Horticultural Rooms.

We believe the recommendations have been endorsed by the Chief Commissioners.