Pitmaston Duchess Pear

This is the subject of a colored plate in the February Florist and Pomologist. As represented, it is narrower than the ordinary Duchess, and of a peculiarly pleasing orange color. It is a seedling from the Duchess.

Alexander Peach

Messrs. Silva & Sons, of California, excellent judges of peaches, write that the Alexander ripens with them two weeks earlier than Early Beatrice, and is one-third larger.

Large Montmorency Cherry

Mr. Ellwanger says in Report W. N. Y. H. Soc: "We have fruited this fine acid cherry for several years, and consider it one of the most valuable in cultivation. The tree is very hardy and a great bearer; fruit large and of a shining, dark red color, and of a very good quality. Ripe about a week after the Early Richmond."

Paul's Improved Crab

Illustrated in January Florist and Pomologist. This is highly colored and a little early, and it is therefore regarded as a hybrid between the common Siberian and Red Astrachan, but our Western Pomologists have obtained numerous seedling crabs of this character, as simple seedings, without any idea of hybridization.

Souvenir Du Congress Pear

At the recent meeting of the Western N. Y. Horticultural Society Mr. Geo. Ellwanger said: "After several years' fruiting, we can say that for large size, beautiful form and color, as well as good qualities, it is without a rival among recent introductions."

Two New French Pears. President Drouard, And Belle De Bemtfert

Under these names we have from Mr. J. De Saint Ange colored plates. They are large greenish " Duchess " looking fruits, and both winter varieties.

Dr. Mclean Pea

An immense number of new peas appeared in England last year. This is thought to be one of the best. It is a dwarf blue wrinkled marrow, large pods, and a great cropper.

The Northampton Apple

Editor of the Lebanon Valley (Fa.) Standard, an accomplished and intelligent horticulturist by the way, giving a list of Winter Apples suited to that section says: "Baldwin, Newtown Pippin. Lady, Fallawater or Pound, Bellflower, Rambo, Vandevere, White Pippin, Seek no further, Ro-manite, to which list may be added an Apple peculiar to Lebanon, bearing with us the name of " Northampton " from the locality whence it was introduced many years ago by Abraham Light, deceased, and winch is not described in any of the books. We sent a specimen of the books. We sent a specimen of the fruit to Charles Downing last May, and received the reply, in answer to our request for a name, that he had never seen the variety before, and requested us to send him a specimen for trial this fall. It is not procurable from any nursery and yet its many excellent qualities of flavor, size, appearance and bearing, coupled with the long period in which it can be used, from October to May, entitle it to a prominent place in the smallest collection or orchard."

Lucy Grieve Pear. We have from Messrs. E. G. Henderson, of London, a beautifully executed colored lithograph of this new English Pear, which is attracting much attention among English Pear growers. The description which they send us, and which we give below, is from the pen of Dr. Hogg, the Downing of England: " Fruit large, above the average, upwards of three inches long, and two and a half wide, oval in outline, combining the features of Glou Mor-ceau and Swan's Egg. Its complexion lemon-yellow, with a red blush towards the sun, and the whole surfaced with cinnamon-colored russet dots. Flesh white, very tender and melting, very juicy, and richly flavored. It is a delicious Pear, having the texture of flesh found in Marie Louise, and ripens in October."

" The seed of this Pear was sown in a flower-pot by the daughter and only child of Mr. Peter Grieve, gardener at Culford Hall, near Bury St. Edmund's, who carefully tended the plants till they were large enough to be planted out: but ere the first of them bore fruit, in 1873, the little maid was in her grave. The first-class qualities of this fruit will perpetuate her name, and as a living record become at once a professional sou. venir and 'forget-me-not.'"