At a meeting of Nurserymen, Florists and Seedsmen, at Crystal Lake, 111., Jan. 25th, it was decided to hold a Centennial meeting of all engaged in the trade, in the city of Chicago, on the 2d Wednesday of June.

It has always seemed strange that enterprisees of such vast importance have not as yet made any special effort for a national organization. It is hoped that a large attendance can be secured and means devised to better organize and strengthen these great interests.

A Botanico-Horticultural Congress is to meet at Brussels, Belgium, on the 30th of April in connection with the International Horticultural Exhibition to be held there at that time. A leading topic will be to arrange for a Hortus Euro-pens or catalogue of the correct names of all plants cultivated in Europe, of which there is much need.

The Gardener's Monthly acknowledges the kind invitation of President d'Hamale, of Malines, to be represented on the occasion.

The Central Horticultural Society of France is one of the most active in Europe. We have a circular from Mons. A. Lavalle, the general secretary at Paris, in which the advantages of membership are fully and freely detailed.