Or, as most catalogues have it, Bourbon Rose Peerless. I also notice it under the head of Ever Blooming Rose. I do not wish to say anything against the rose, having purchased a half dozen plants the first season they came out, and have grown them ever since in pots and in the open ground; have had plants eight feet high, with canes an inch through or more, covered with hundreds of clusters of beautiful blossoms in June. I have cut the plants back and tried them in different ways, and have never seen a rose on any of them, except the spring bloom on them in pots and the June blossom on those the open ground. If it had been called a Hybrid Perpetual I would not have been disappointed. I think the general mass of people who grow roses expect a Bourbon Rose to be one which gives more or less blossoms through the season and a fine bloom in the fall. Peerless with me grows more like Prairie Queen than any rose I grow - not as tall growing, but the same strong, thorny wood as the Prairie Queen. I think this rose should have been called a Hybrid Climbing June Rose. I hope others will give their experience with this rose in the Gardener's Monthly, and have this rose pushed into its proper place if it is not there at present.