At the Centennial the following Stated Displays, under their respective dates, will be held during the International Exhibition. Applications for entry may be now made, on forms which will be supplied by the Chief of Agricultural Bureau:

Pomological Products and Vegetables, May 16th to 24th. Strawberries, June 7th to 15th. Early Grass Butter and Cheese, June 13th to 17th. Early Summer Vegetables, June 20th to 24th. Honey, June 20th to 24th. Raspberries and Blackberries, July 3d to 8th. Southern Pomological Products, July 18th to 22d. Melons, August 22d to 26th. Peaches, September 4th to to 9th. Northern Pomological Products, September 11th to 16th. Autumn Vegetables, September 19th to 23d. Cereals, September 25th to 30th. Potatoes and Feeding Roots, October 2d to 7th. Autumn Butter and Cheese, October 17th to 21st. Nuts, October 23d to November 1st. Autumn Honey and Wax, October 23d to November 1st.