The annual meeting took place Sep. 12th to 14th, according to announcement. It is the 48th annual meeting. These are always looked forward to with great interest all over the land. The interests of the Centennial were of course overshadowing, and many friends of the Society thought it had better be deferred altogether. But other friends had faith, and the result proved a much greater success than could have been anticipated; and the result shows how very strong is the Institution in the popular affection. The plants exhibited were even better grown than usual, and the variety of many of the species in many cases, shows that the taste for beautiful novelties is strong. Fruits were particularly beautiful and abundant. The designs and ornaments of cut flowers were tasteful and fully up to the standard. A ship made of cut flowers took well with the people. Usually, these "harps," "crowns," and other articles of floral work, seem like playthings, yet are tolerated from their associations even by person of highly cultivated taste, but it is seldom safe to go beyond these. Mostly, " designs " at floral exhibitions are horrible things.

On this occasion, the sails being made of the white flowers of the Pampas grass saved it from condemnation by even the most fastidious, while to the vast majority it was "beautiful," as we had abundant evidence all round.

The reception given by the Horticultural Society to their pomological brethren in their hall, was a remarkably pleasant affair. President Schaffer received the guests, and all were made to feel perfectly at home. It was a great occasion for those in kindred pursuits to become acquainted with one another; and while the Horticultural Society evidently felt gratified that so many had responded to the invitation, we know that none of the guests but felt it was an occasion to be remembered. The Philadelphia fashion of " no speeches " we believe was particularly appreciated.