We often have inquiries as to where the plants noticed in our columns are to be obtained. This is a matter that wholly concerns our advertising columns, and out of place in this department. As a general rule, however, the leading firms who advertise in our columns either have the plants or can obtain them; and a line to them will generally get the needed articles. Sometimes the plants are only as yet in England: but most of these firms have European connections, and if an order is given, should they not have them on hand, they will get them if a little time be given. For instance, we have some inquiries now where things can be had referred to in our January No. Turning to the advertising pages of that number, we see that rare flowers and trees are dealt in by Parsons, Ellwanger & Barry, Saunders, Meehan, Miller & Hayes, E. M. Wood, H. A. Dreer, Sked, Paddock ct Co., John Saul, and Geo. Such. These especially mention new plants. There are others who do not specially mention them, and the list may be increased by looking over past numbers.

In this way almost anything noticed in our columns can be obtained.