The country being about tired of trying how much frost the Eucalyptus will stand, the Baltimore Gazette calls attention to the fact "that a very fine article of Sweitzer cheese can be made from the milk of the Cocoanut. The Cocoanut could be very profitably cultivated in the Banana zone, along the Northern Pacific railway. Gen. Dook has it in his power, too, to simplify the labor question by introducing the Bread-fruit tree in this country. It is believed that by crossing the Bread-fruit tree with some active variety of Spring Wheat, a species of vegetation could be produced from which the agile Greenbacker could pick his hot rolls in the morning without a particle of labor. By grafting the Bread-fruit tree on our common Butternut tree, it is thought that the splendid buttered waffles, so much in vogue with the bondholders and lickspittle capitalists, could be produced in profusion and at little or no cost".