Communications. Edible Puff Balls

The puff ball is wholesome, nutritious and delicious, cooked in any way that mushrooms are. The large, smooth sort contain the most food, and taste like the mushrooms of the West. The Starry puff ball, small, with a leathery coat which cracks off in a star-shaped setting, tastes like the N. E. mushroom and the morel of Ohio, and is to me more pleasing. In a country where many suffer from hunger, it is a pity that this quality of the puff ball is not known and appreciated.

Highland Hardy Raspberry

Mr. E. P. Roe says, in his recent trade catalogue, that" the fruit is small, and of very ordinary flavor," but yet he thinks it has value.

Ben Davis, From Michigan

Mr. Hoppe places before us some Ben Davis apples from the Grand Traverse region in Michigan. They are very beautiful in color, and twelve inches round. Can anybody beat this?

Strawberry - The Phenomenon

A singular strawberry under this name has appeared! in Belgium. On the one stem there are always two strawberries, so that the old expression of"two bites to a berry" is not a choice but an actual necessity, irrespective of size; and yet it is not a small berry or"berries." for it or '"they" is, each half, two inches long by one. wide.

Strawberry - Prof. Ed. Pynaert

This strawberry, is said to be an"enormous fruit".

It is figured four inches across, which is about twelve inches in circumference; but as it is one of the Gockscomby kinds, cross measurement is deceptive. How much will a dozen weigh-? This is the true strawberry test.

Eucalyptus Timber

Now that the Cali-fornians have timber from their fast-growing blue gum, they fear it will be of little use for many purposes. It splits with the least heat. There are many things required to make first-class timber. We hoped for much from the yellow locust, a few years ago, and the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad had their cross-ties of it, but had to take them all out in a year or two. It was too hard to hold a spike.

Eucalyptus In India

It is to be hoped that the blue gum will flourish in many places con our continent where there is no frost; but we must try to profit by others' experience. It has been found a failure on the plains of India, where very much was expected from it.

Hardiness Of The Eucalyptus In Philadelphia

Mr. Joseph Wharton reports to the Academy of Natural Sciences, that trees, even when somewhat protected, died last winter.

A Redwood

Mr. James English is still at work on the redwood tree which he felled at Russian River station, California, some few months ago. He has already made from it 250,000 shingles, 1000 fence posts, 6000 stakes, lumber for a dwelling-house and out-buildings, and has timber left for 300,000 shingles. The tree was fourteen feet in diameter.