In the last number of your valuable Monthly you notice two Western Geraniums, Fanny and Ralph, raised by John Goode, Esq., of this city. Will you allow me to say a few words in their favor ? I have grown Fanny for three years, and tested it thoroughly, both as a pot plant and a bedder, with the most satisfactorily results. As a pot plant (in my opinion) it is unsurpassed, always in bloom, Summer and Winter. The flower is a rich salmon color, of fine form and substance, the finest I have ever seen on a bronze Geranium.

Ralph is also a very fine Geranium; it is a very robust grower, habit first-rate, and as a bloomer it is simply immense. A bed of it last season in Ellis Park attracted a great deal of attention, both from florists and the public; the flowers are a peculiar shade of crimson, trusses very large and carried well above the foliage, and has the property of holding its center until the whole truss is fully expanded. I grow 150 of the newest and best English, French, and American varieties, all fine, but as a bedder, Ralph is king. I have no interest in the sale of plants; my object is to call the attention of lovers of plants to two good things, and to encourage home productions.

[Since our note appeared we have seen blooms of Ralph, and agree with all that is said of it. The shade of color is similar to one now well known as General Lee, but it is much superior in form and other good characters. - Ed. G. M].