The Mammoth Trees Of California

Two thousand acres, including the famous mammoth grove of Sequoia gigantea, were recently sold at public sale to S. W. Sperry, of Calaveras county, who, it is believed, will take good care of them.


Lindley, in his Vegetable Kingdom, mentions an indigenous and solitary species of apple as found in the Sandwich Islands. James, in his history of the Sandwich Islands, mentions among the indigenous and plentiful fruits"the Ohia juicy and red, but of poor flavor." Whitney, in his Hawaiian Guide Book (Honolulu, 1875), describes:

An Arboretum At Nashville

By the Nashville Daily American of March 2Gth, we learn that the Vanderbilt University has decided to plant a complete arboretum on the grounds. They have started with two hundred and fifty species of deciduous trees and shrubs, contributed by a member of the American Association for the advancement of Science, which body held its annual session there last year.

Hills Of Pennsylvania

By the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society for 1877, we find that the highest land in Indiana county, Pa., is on the divide between the Allegheny and Susquehanna rivers, and is put down as 1999 feet.

March Weather At Saratoga, N.York

By the record at Terwilliger's greenhouses, it appears that the warmest day was 64°, the coldest 8° above zero, and the average for the month 38° - variety enough to please the most fastidious.

American Pomological Society

Proceedings for 1877. We have no hesitation in pronouncing this, by great odds, the most useful volume ever issued. The reports and essays are wonderfully full and complete, and give a field view of American Pomology never before afforded. It must have been a heavy task for Secretary Flagg to organize and work the machinery for so admirably executed a task. And to think that this should be his last! President Wilder closes the volume with a proper Memoriam to his worthy associate.

Ribbon Beddinc


1, Trifolium repens pentaphyl-luni; 3, Alternanthera spectabile; 3, A. amoena; 4, Mesembryanthemum cordifoliura variegatum; 5, Alternanthera paronychioides; and 6, Eche-veri secunda glauca. This bed may be seven or eight feet across.

Acer Rufineroe

A beautiful colored plate of a variety of this maple is given in the March No. of l'Horticulture Belgique, taken from a plant growing on the celebrated grounds of M. Lavallee, at Sevres, in France. It is a native of Japan, and allied to our striped barked maple. It would be hardy in our country, if not already in some collection not known to us.